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Hi, I’m David

An International Executive Coach/Mentor

I have over 10,000 hours of 1:1 coaching/mentoring experience and have provided executive and business performance coaching in the UK, Europe, Middle East, India and the Pacific region. This also includes Life Coaching assignments.

I am able to hold my clients gracefully to account, to achieve their change and development.

David Leeper – My Story


I started my coaching business in 1996 and have listened and worked with thousands of individuals to achieve their personal goals or business dreams. As an educator I use information with wisdom. As a sportsman, I focus on fitness for purpose, performance and results. As an entrepreneur, I challenge for growth, resilience and success.

My strengths are Leadership, Strategic Direction, Enthusiasm, Optimism, Courage. What are your strengths? We will release these into your coaching challenge. My clients come to me for:


  • Executive coaching/mentoring e.g. leadership and management challenges, change management, mergers and integration issues.
  • Business coaching/mentoring e.g. as a sounding board for business development, team development or change.
  • Entrepreneurship activity e.g. business start up, ideas exploration.
  • Life coaching e.g. career change, relationship support, goal setting and problem solving.

David is a magician! Call and experience for yourself.

Why Work With Me?

If you need a sounding board and don’t have anyone you can talk to in confidence I can help you.

I have many years of experience helping guide professionals with a wide range of business and personal decisions and goals.

Don’t struggle through it on your own, contact me to get help!

Qualifications & Experience

I started my counselling and coaching career in 1980 and have mentored many people through great change in their lives. 


  • Professional Diploma in Counselling (2 year course) (Plymouth)
  • Certificate in Coaching (Results Life Coaching)
  • Mastery in Coaching 7 month programme (Newfield Network)
  • Master Practitioner, NLP (ITS) and Certified Trainer NLP (Stenhouse)
  • Accredited Diploma in Coaching Supervision (Coaching Supervision Academy)
  • BA (Open univ); Cert Education (Loughborough Physical Education)
  • Chartered FCIPD; FRGS
  • I am a founding member of the Association of Coaching (FMAC)
  • Accredited Master Coach, European Coaching Institute
  • Strengthscope practitioner; Myers Briggs etc.



  • Coaching and mentoring – 10,000 hours of 1:1 coaching and mentoring.
  • Consultancy – provided business analysis and then designed and delivered agreed solutions to implement and sustain organisational change.
  • Conflict management –  identified performance issues between departments and coached the created solutions.
  • Leadership – designed and delivered Leadership Development programmes for 10 years for a client in Madrid.
  • Leadership and Change Management – Delivered coaching and leadership interventions to 28 EMEA General Managers.
  • Professional Development – Coaching support to a Managing Consultant of a large Logistics SME.
  • Sounding Board – To a number of ‘C’ level Executives on Strategic Thinking, Leadership, Acquisition etc.
  • Life Coaching – I have coached numerous personal and professional development challenges. E.g. health; relationships; employment etc.
  • Career Development – Following redundancy worked with a senior Investment Finance professional to secure a prestigious City role for a global North American exchange.
  • Organisational Development – Advisor and coach to the new senior management following restructuring.